August 29, 2017


Crazy times

Hectic week down, insane week to come. This week coming up is looking to be pretty insane. Its transfer week, and there are 27 new missionaries coming out here to Colorado Springs tomorrow. All sorts of fun details with that. This last week has been a lot of fun though, for Pday we hiked St. Mary’s Falls – cool hike, so-so waterfall. Lots of good times had, especially as we ran down the trail back – more tiring than you would expect.

We had exchanges with some Zone Leaders on Wednesday. Elder Constantine and I stayed in our area and Elder Hagman joined us for the day. We had some really cool experiences with that as we were able to meet with a few different people we have been working with. The most notable from our current teaching pool being Jimmy, and investigator. He is scheduled to get baptized on September 10th. He wants to be baptized and is excited for it, but as we spoke with him that evening, we found out he didn’t quite understand why he wanted to be baptized. He knew he wanted to but didn’t know if the Lord wanted him to. So we talked about the true power of prayer and the answer that he can receive of what the Lord’s will is for him. It was a powerful lesson and he committed to speak with God on the matter.

We’ve had some last minute changes take place with the transfer this week and its always neat to be able to pray with our Mission President to know what the Lord’s will is on a specific matter. I had an interesting experience, yesterday, where I kept having a thought of the way I wanted to the situation to go, but found myself suggesting the exact opposite. As we prayed, I kept thinking of what I wanted and wondered why I had suggested the opposite. It was not until later that I realized the reason I felt okay with the decision: because it was the Lord’s, not mine. The Lord truly has a perfect plan for each of us, and sometimes it requires us to feel some discomfort. That is often what motivates us to make the necessary changes in our lives. I’m grateful that the Lord knows all and that his plan is higher than ours. He knows what is best for us, no doubt about it.

Love you all,

Elder Stark


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