Sept 6, 2016

crazy week, crazy blessings

This week was, as expected, pretty insanely busy, luckily everything went relatively smoothly as far as transfers and getting the new missionaries situated goes. we were driving people all over the place to and from the airport like 3 times throughout the week. It was hectic for sure, but the way it works out every time is a miracle for sure. The Lord definitely has His hand in it all.

As soon as all the new missionary and transfer craziness ended, we then got to take care of the departing missionaries. We basically got to hang out with them their last 2 days. Tuesday night was dinner and exit interviews (so us and the ones not in their interview just watch a movie in the basement of the mission home), wednesday was the temple all day followed by dinner and a fireside. That was super cool. Then on Thursday we took them all to the airport to send them off to their loved ones. All a very cool experience.
From Friday on we saw some neat blessings. Because we have so much time spent with missionaries, we dont get as much time in our area as most missionaries. Becuase of that the Lord truly blesses us with work to do. We had quite a few people referred to us by some other missionaries and were able to begin trying to get in touch with them, still a work in progress. but Saturday we had a few really cool experiences. 2 of which were the opportunities to give Priesthood Blessings to nonmembers. they both commented on the spirit they felt during the blessing. The Priesthood is such a cool thing. that the Lord would give the authority to act in His name to heal the sick and bring comfort to those that stand in need of it to his sons. Im so grateful to hold the Priesthood and to be able to be that instrument in the Lord’s hands.
I love you all and am so grateful for your support. The mission is the greatest thing ever. Im grateful for all that i am constantly learning.
Elder Stark

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