Sept 19, 2016

Elder LaRose’s apron. Definitely cooler than Elder Stark’s apron.
Jimmy’s baptism

This week was quite nice! We had a baptism Saturday for Jimmy! That was a super neat experience. Jimmy was super excited and he even bore his testimony right after being baptized. It was seriously one of the sweetest and most touching testimonies I have ever heard. He powerfully spoke of his testimony of the priesthood, and the Restoration of the Gospel through the prophet Joseph Smith. I felt like a proud parent for a second. Then I remembered his in his 60s or something. lol. But it only got better as he was confirmed a member of the Church in sacrament meeting yesterday. He said that he felt a power and warmth come through him. I know he truly did receive the Holy Ghost and was cleansed of his sins yesterday. How grateful I am to be able to see these things take place in peoples’ lives.

The rest of the week was great too! We finished up some paperwork that usually takes way longer than it did this month, that was a tender mercy for sure. We helped with a couple moves this week. Thats always a good time. We were able to set a baptismal date with our investigator, Mike. He has a really strong desire to be a good spiritual leader for the family him and his wife are trying to start.
We were at the park on thursday to do our weekly planning session, and this guy was biking down the path when he saw us and pulled off and parked his bike. He asked at first if we worked for an office building, when we told him we were missionaries he just sat down and joined us at our table! He is French and a super nice guy, very interested in learning more. We spoke with him for about an hour, maybe even more, and through all his questions ended up teaching most of the doctrine that we teach people before they are baptized. He agrees with it all and is interested in coming to church! The Lord truly is preparing people to receive His gospel and will either put them in our path or even put us in their path.
Saturday I was able to attend the temple with a young man from 15th ward that was going for his first time before going on his mission. I was honored that he would want me to attend with him and it was a neat way to spend the first half of the day that ended so perfectly with Jimmy’s baptism.
Love you all dearly, keep on keepin on!
Elder Stark

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