Oct 10, 2016

The best bad decision we ever made.

First off, sandboarding was cool! it was an epic experience filled with a small amount of actual boarding and a large amount of sandblasted pain. As it turns out the day we decided to go happened to be insanely windy. A rental lady even warned us and said we probably should not go. Just looked it up, looks like we had some 40+ mph winds with 50+ mph gusts. It made for sandblasted bare skin and we wore shorts and shortsleeves. Despite the times hunkering down trying to cover our skin and getting sand in our eyes, it as all in all epic and worth for that reason. Elder LaRose had his gopro to video and take pictures of the adventure. Elder LaRose and I have deemed this our best bad decision we’ve ever made.

This last week has been pretty busy. We did an exchange with the zone leaders over Alamosa after sandboarding, but had to leave at around 5 am the next day to make it to the springs for a meeting about transfers. Wednesday we had our leadership council with all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. Following that we did an exchange for the rest of the day with those same Zone Leaders from Alamosa because we try to do more of an exchange than just a couple hours on night (ideally we do 24 hours). Thursday was a temple trip with missionaries at their halfway mark, and Friday through Sunday was finalizing transfer decisions and typing up the document to send to all the missionaries, so that they know where to be and when to make the transfers happen. All of this basically adds up to an Elder Stark still finding sand in his hair and computer-screen-strained, sleep-deprived, bloodshot eyes but a heart filled with the spirit 🙂 No better place than a mission.
As for our investigators, things are great! Mike and Randi are a part-member couple. Although they were out of town this week they are still doing very well. We are hoping to see them for a little bit tommorrow. Mike is scheduled to be baptized this saturday, but with the trip out of town and temple dedication this sunday, we may be pushing it back a little. We shall see!
Jimmy, who got baptized a few weeks ago, is doing awesome! He is actually visually impaired and is barely able to see anything. So in order to “read” material, he has to have his computer read it to him. He can read a word if its zoomed in all the way and thats almost the only thing on his 30 inch tv he uses as a monitor. This week we were able to set him up with his LDS.org account and show him how to access the scriptures online and have LDS.org read them to him. He was so excited and has such a great attitude about wanting to learn more! He always says, “Now look, I’m a newbie I know. And I’m blind, but there is so much to learn here!” Its really cool to see his excitement. At church today a young man was sustained to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood before leaving on his mission. I leaned over and told him that the kid is going on his mission and that is why he’s being sustained. Jimmy just blurted out, “wow!” Right in the middle of sacrament meeting. He then said “oh! whoops” in a much softer voice. It was pretty great. I just laughed and told him it was no problem.
The beginning of this week is looking to be epicly busy well seeing as its transfer week. It only ever works out because of the miracles of the Lord. That is for sure. I love the opportunity I have to be here on earth. A child of God, constantly learning and growing and seeing his hand in my life. I hope and pray that each of you can learn to recognize the hand of the lord in your life. Pray for eyes to see it and strength to follow his counsel. He wants to bless us, sometimes we just have to ask.
With immense amounts of love,
Elder Stark

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