October 17

Well another hectic week has gone by. And this one was particularly crazy. It was transfer week so we started on Monday by picking up the new missionaries from the airport and taking them to dinner. They had orientation meetings afterwards and we got their luggage moved around to where it needed to be for the night.

Tuesday was Transfer day itself. Overall it went really smoothly, we didn’t have too many hiccups occur other than a couple missionaries having too much stuff and not fitting in the car. That night we had dinner with the departing missionaries and snuck away for an appointment with Mike. That went well and he was excited for his upcoming baptism, but we received a phone call from a set of elders that live in our same apartment complex. They informed us that they had just been carjacked. At gunpoint. Hahaha so we had to cut our appointment short to go help out with that. Luckily they got ahold of our Mission President finally and he took care of it, but they were still a little rattled, understandably. That was followed up by a set of elders that just got put into a biking area and had a flat tire with no ride to the store to get another tube. So we went and picked them up to take them to Walmart.

Wednesday we took the departing missionaries to the temple. That was of course, AWESOME. Nothing crazy happened that night really. We were with the departing missionaries and Sister Rehm (our mission president’s wife) at the mission home. We were hanging out talking about the different personality types and colors. Sister Rehm is all about that kind of stuff. So she had us all taking the tests that tell you what color or personality type you are.

Thursday we took the departing missionaries to the airport and had to get everything ready for the baptism scheduled for Saturday. I don’t know if I ever mentioned this before, but the Fort Collins Temple Dedication was yesterday, and they broadcasted it to all of Colorado. So our goal was to get Mike baptized and confirmed on Saturday so that he could attend that, and it happened! It was so awesome! His baptism was small and simple as it was pulled together last minute. He wanted Elder LaRose to baptize him and me to Confirm him. It was a super neat experience. So Saturday was totally epic! All to prepare us for Sunday which was awesome as well! I had never gotten to see a temple dedication until now, but it was super neat and im so glad I got to see it, especially with mike and his wife!

I hope you all have the best of weeks and remember that I love you greatly!

Elder Stark

ps new pics should be up!


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