Nov 14, 2016



Tired but happy

Well I’ll tell ya what, normally id consider this last week busy, but looking at the next two to come, last week was nothin. It was good though. The mission is unique in that its taught me that you can be purely exhausted, both mentally and physically, and still be happy. Im learning what joy in the gospel is. It is happiness despite the surrounding situations. Despite being tired, or sore, or sick; or all the above. It’s the feeling most of the world notices during the Christmas season but doesn’t realize they can have it ALL the time. THAT is the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is so simple, yet so intriguing that we’ll never have a full Knowledge in this life.

We had another Zone Conference this week, this one for our own zone, the missionaries we most closely associate with. Everything went well and it was a great spiritual experience. That night we had dinner with a guy in the ward that’s an Army General! It was pretty cool, he’s on the Stake High Council too – a busy man I am sure. That night began our adventure of nearly a daily visit to the Hospital for Brother Jose. Jose is a member in the ward that we visit often, hes had on and off health issues and went back into the hospital last week. He was super lonely and depressed so we made sure to go visit every day so that we might be able to help lift his spirits. Luckily he is now out of the hospital, but still has pains the doctors say he’ll have to live with.

Mike and Randi are both doing really well. Mike got the Aaronic Priesthood on Sunday, which was super neat. I am really excited to see them progressing so well and having such a fire for the gospel. Jesse is an investigator that is supposed to get baptized the Saturday after thanksgiving, he is doing well and is pretty excited to get baptized.

Jimmy is in Arizona as of this last week. He is going to a blind school for VA because he is visually impaired. He will be gone for about a month. We are communicating with the missionaries there to make sure he stays taken care of. He did call and inform us that his mother (94 years old!) is in the hospital and he wanted us to give her a blessing. She is pretty much blind and is pretty hard of hearing (as to be expected in a 94 year old), but shes hilarious. The nurse walked in, he actually looked quite a bit like Eric I’m now realizing, and he was about his height too. She looked at him and said “Whoooooa, so tall!! That’s goooood” (keep in mind shes full Hispanic and has a thick accent). Later she looked at me and asked:

“Are you from New Mexico?”

“No, but my mom is!”

“Ohhhh what part?”




She’s fun to try and communicate with. Haha

This week we had the opportunity to go on a “blitz” exchange with some Elders. A blitz is when we both go to their area for just a couple hours and go like tracting with them or something. Just to kinda help things get rolling. This next week is looking pretty crazy, as its transfer prep week. On top of that, the departing missionaries are going home this Saturday, because it would have normally been on Thanksgiving Day. So we’ll have some mini transfers this Thursday in prep for that. It shouldn’t be too much, but we do get to go to the temple with them Friday, followed by getting to go see the BYU Young Ambassadors that night! They’re coming to the Springs and President bought tickets for us and the departing missionaries to go see them. I’m excited for that!

Hope you all have a great week! Love ya

Elder Stark


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