Nov 7, 2016

Sickness like a thief in the night

So the sickness did some how prevail, but not until 3 am tuesday morning. I woke up feeling quite indescribably crummy, just in time for a Zone Conference all day tuesday. It was painful ill admit but there was quite a miracle. Come lunch time i was not feelin good at all – and we teach right after lunch. about 10 minutes before it was our time to teach, i said a prayer of “Heavenly Father, please let this be one of those cool stories where i feel totally better just while i am teaching.” and sure enough. the minute we stood up to start our portion, my voice came back, i stopped coughing and i felt like a full on live human for that hour that we taught. It was seriously a huge blessing from above. We’ve got some amazing missionaries and i love the opportunity I have to travel the mission and get to know so many of them. The Lord is the only one that can turn a huge squad of 18 to 22 year old kids into joyous gospel-sharing machines.

As far as the rest of the week goes, i was pretty sick for the meetings on tuesday and wednesday, but wednesday night and all day thursday i was on exchanges with Elder Boatman – who was actually friends with Jacob Evans at BYU-i! It was a way good time, and we had some totally awesome experiences as we talked to people at a busy park around here, it has a man made lake/reservoir thing that people fish a lot at. so this guy explained fly fishing to me and i explained the gospel to him. I thought it was a good trade… (:

Saturday we helped out Elders Quorum with cleaning the church and had a training conference call afterwards, both of those went well. Later that day we were asked to give a blessing to a member’f friend in the hospital. Evidently he had been shot in a carjacking.. crazy stuff… At that same hospital was the Elder that fell from a cliff this past monday. He is currently in rehabilitation as he has a few cracked ribs and a few of the little flaps that stick off the sides of the vertebra, all topped with a concussion and some bad scrapes. We went up and talked to him for a few minutes. All in all he is recovering very quickly and got away with relatively minor injuries for what his situation could have been. Its looking like he will need to go home to finish recovering fully.

Sunday was a special Stake Conference Broadcast for the north central americas area (or whatever the official name is). It was really cool and they had some awesome speakers, one of which was Devin G Durant (the one that gave the ponderizing talk awhile back). His talk was really great, and he even gave a shoutout to his nephew serving a mission in one of the missions in this area. It was pretty great. That night we had the Work of Salvation Fireside, which is for new and returning members to speak and share their stories. It was great to hear these fire filled members speak on how the gospel is changing their lives.

I cant believe its november already! But thank you for the support you send, i love you guys.

Elder Stark


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