Oct 31, 2016

Hey family! Its been a good week of travels and such. It was awesome to get to see some more of the San Luis Valley, as we were able to go down on Monday to try the sand dunes again – which was a much better experience this time around. That night we were with the Zone Leaders down there, and Tuesday was the Zone Conference for that Valley Zone. That was a great conference! The zone is almost entirely missionaries at 6 months or less. The groups that have been coming out this summer have been awesome and a lot of them are training new missionaries. It was great to see them all doing so well – they are some cool dudes for sure. That night the sister missionaries in the area hooked us up with a dinner – so ready to be Relief Society Presidents… We drove up to Pueblo after that and stayed with the Pueblo Zone Leaders in prep for their conference the next day – on the drive though, we came through at the rear end of some bad traffic. The office missionaries that had left a couple hours before us hit it bad ad were stuck for over an hour – and had to take a detour. When we got there we were only waiting for about 15 minutes as they only had one lane open. Because of that we got to see the wreckage and holy cow! It was nuts. There was a semi-truck off the side of the road and a full-size pickup truck being towed away. Evidently they had caught on fire after the collision because they were melted down bad. From what we heard there were no fatalities, which is awesome.

The Zone Conference the next day went well. We had a lot of good involvement from the missionaries there. That zone has a few friends that I hadn’t seen in awhile so it was pretty sweet to get to see them again. That night we went to try what’s called a “slopper burger”. Pueblo is known for its green chili so a few restaurants makes a “slopper” which is a massive burger slopped in green chili. So of course, I had to try it. We went after zone conference, then split into exchanges. Elder LaRose stayed in pueblo for the rest of the day until Thursday night and Elder Hagman and I came up to the Springs to be on Exchanges for Thursday.

Thursday was weird, because I woke up with a little sore throat that turned into body aches. All in all, Thursday was a bit sucky. I felt bad for Elder Hagman having to go on exchanges with a sick dude. We were able to hit all our appointments still but in between I was out like a light. At this point I’ve pretty much kicked it, but still have a little congestion.

Friday however was a busy – and very good – day. we had a really cool service project that was helping set up a room for this event. The event was to hand out food to refugees. so we set up tables and stations and such. After we had district meeting and then a meeting with our mission president. That night however was the coolest part. We set a baptismal date with jesse, one of our investigators! it was a really cool lesson because we had something totally different planned but the spirit prompted us to change it on the spot. It was totally awesome! Im super excited for him.

Coming week is looking busy but should be good!

Hope you all have a spook-tacular halloween!

Elder Stark


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