October 24, 2016

the church is true, the book is blue and moroni’s on the ball

Got a hectic week ahead with 2 of the farthest zone conferences in the mission. Because the first one is tomorrow and in Alamosa, we drove down to Alamosa today to have pday down here and try out the sand dunes again, looking like it should be less sandblasting this time – we are hopeful.

This past week we were able to go on exchanges with both our zone leaders and our district leader. I got to be with Elder Ward on Tuesday –  he’s great. Weve been good friends since I met him when I got to 15th ward. We had a good time together as I was in his area. That night we actually went on splits to visit people so I was with 2 priests (ironically they had both come to a pday of volleyball and remembered me), and we went and visited some people with one specific instance that was really cool. Elder Ward and the ward mission leader gave us a few names and addresses and I just pretended it was my area and they didn’t know any better! One man we visited hadn’t been in touch with any other members in awhile and had a hip replacement that day. He was excited that we stopped by and said that he knew that the Lord put us there. It was powerful as we were able to bear testimony of faith and hope and set up a time for him to receive a Priesthood Blessing the next day.

On Saturday we were on exchanges again, this time I was with Elder Ulibarri – He just got to the mission in August. He was a part of the first group I picked up from the airport. Hes awesome and we had a super good day! We went to the park in our area and met a bunch of super cool people and he was able to give away his first Book of Mormon. That was a cool experience for sure. We also got to meet with Jimmy Avila who was baptized a couple weeks after I got here. He is still doing very well. He is visually impaired and because of it will soon be going to Arizona for a 4 week program to help teach him some house hold skills to help with mobility and chores. His testimony is on fire and Its so awesome to get to see it. He is very excited to be able to go to the temple soon and take part in baptisms for the dead.

Mike and Randi are doing awesome too! They just received a calling as institute teachers and have no idea what to do! Good thing the Lord helps out in that realm. We met with them yesterday to begin the new member lessons for Mike. They also fed us food, so ya know that was great 🙂 They are also super excited to go to the temple, we already are making plans for Elder LaRose and I to come back for their sealing. I love the excitement and joy that the Temple brings into people’s lives. I’m grateful that we have the Priesthood restored to the earth so that we can be with our families forever.

I hope everyone’s week has been awesome and that this next week will be even better.

With love,

Elder Stark


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