Dec 5, 2016


Christmas Zone Conferences and White Elephant

Hey there family! This week has been really cool! Monday we traveled down to Alamosa for a Christmas Zone Conference down there. We took a special route through the mountains that was a little longer, but totally worth it! It was absolutely gorgeous, and i am forever grateful for this beautiful earth and all the creations on it that our Father in Heaven has created for us.

We had another Christmas Zone Conference in Pueblo on Thursday, and something peculiar happened at both of those Conferences. Usually for Zone Conference, at the end, the missionaries that will be going home between then and the next Zone Conference have the opportunity to share their testimony. However, this being a special Zone Conference, our Mission President decided to set some time aside to open the time for whoever would like to share their testimony. Both times that the pulpit was opened up for testimonies, missionaries we would not have normally expected to jump at an opportunity like that, did. And it was amazing. I can recall 3 specific moments in which those speaking directly addressed some concerns and questions i had been praying about in days previous. It seemed like all the testimonies shared touched on it, but the Lord really wanted me to get that answer. It was so neat to see the Lord use my fellow brothers and sisters to answer my questions and bring me comfort, and they probably don’t even know that they did it.

On Friday, we had district meeting, and did a white elephant gift exchange. That was super fun. I found this bobblehead in our apartment of “STARLORD” whoever that is. And I put a fake mustache on it and wrote a “certificate of authenticity” for it. The gift that I ended up with was a brown paper bag decorated that said “single awareness kit” and inside was a bag of hersheys kisses with a note that said “Love. Because you aint getting any of this this year.” Hahahaha of course that creativity was by a Sister.

It’s been a great week to start off the Christmas season and to top it off, on Sunday night our district went Caroling and shared the Christmas initiative of service with people. It was way fun and people were very receptive

Love you guys!

Elder Stark



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