Nov 21, 2016

Hey family! Thanksgiving is coming on up, cant believe it! I hope you all have fun plans for it, and will stuff your face endlessly (: We will be joining Mike and Randi McManimen. Mike is the one that just got baptized a few weeks ago, and we are looking forward to spending the time with them.

This last week has been busy as we knew it would be. Saturday and Sunday were gonna be hectic we knew, but we had some more things pop up last minute that just topped it off. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night we weren’t to bed until after midnight or 1am. But we did get everything done! That was a blessing from on high for sure. Some people use caffeine to stay up, we use the spirit.
All in all the week was good though. We had an Elder that came back out after going home for medical, it was exciting to see him again and in full health. Tyler, a 9 year old kid we have been teaching is getting baptized in Utah this Saturday by his grandfather. He and his family are really excited, and it should be awesome. Jesse is excited as well for his baptism scheduled for this Saturday. He and his wife had us over for lunch on Sunday after Stake Conference.
We had Elder Bat of the Seventy visiting for Stake Conference. He was great, and totally hilarious. He told some really good stories and he had us laughing our heads off (ha ha ha…plop as mom would say). His message was focused on reaching out to those around us. Members and nonmembers alike. Be loving and share with them what you love. He talked about how you can be natural and comfortable around people as you share the gospel with them. You can also joke around with them, and the success is in the invitation, not the baptism.
Its been good, it continues to be good. God is great. I have more to be thankful for than I know how to give thanks for. I love you all. Happy Thanksgiving!
Elder Stark

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