Nov 28, 2016

Giving thanks for transfers and temples

I hope thanksgiving was totally awesome for everyone! Ours was good! Transfers went pretty smoothly, which is a huge blessing, then all of the sudden it was thanksgiving! Thanksgiving morning we went to the Turkey Bowl for the Sand Creek ward, because our ward wasnt having one. It was a blast to see and play with all the old Sand Creek friends again, because thats where i was last thanksgiving. After that i cut a few Elders’ hair for them (a new hobby ive picked up – haircutting lol) and we had thanksgiving dinner with Mike and Randi. That was a blalst to hang out with them. And since we get to watch a pg movie on thanksgiving, we watched the new Finding Dory. Super funny and i really liked it.

Saturday was definitely the highlight of the week as Jesse and his wife Diana got baptized. Diana asked me to baptized her and Jesse asked Elder LaRose to baptize him. The service went really well and it was a super neat experience for both Elder LaRose and me. Then we switched vice versa and I confirmed Jesse and Elder LaRose confirmed Diana at sacrament meeting on Sunday, another awesome experience.
I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a Servant of the Lord and to see people make changes in their lives. Tis the season! I hope everyones holiday season has begun well!
Elder Stark

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