Dec 12, 2016


Another busy week of meetings, but we had some  great stuff happen still. We had two Christmas Zone Conferences, for which Elder LaRose dresses up as Santa Claus. This week I actually had an elf hat so I was his helper for handing out the gift our Mission President has. Its been pretty funny seeing him be Santa Claus all the time.

We had interviews with our Mission President on Thursday, and while i was in my interview, we were looking over our area book and he mentioned that we didnt have anyone we were currently teaching that had a baptismal date, and that that was odd for our area. So we went straight from there to an appointment with Anthony, and set a baptismal date! lol Then on saturday we set another one with a guy named Michael. The sisters in our ward had been teaching them but they decided to pass him off to us. He read a scripture in the Book of Mormon that he felt was the Lord telling him to get baptized or else. So he said he wants to get baptized on december 19th at noon. A monday. At noon. We’ll take it… lol Excited for him. Hes an awesome guy.
I hope the Christmas Season continues to brighten for each of you. Love you all, and encourage you to #LIGHTtheWORLD if you havent seen the Christmas video on, do it. lol Stay safe and share Christ’s Love.
Elder Stark

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