Dec 19, 2016



this is our van Elliot (in reference to the single antlered deer in the movie open season) found the antler in a parking lot!

Cold Weather, Small World

Well, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Im excited to talk to you guys on Sunday! As for the plans on that, I think it’ll be easier to use Google Hangouts (Adam knows more on it than I do). I think itll be easier to do groups with, and I don’t have skype on my laptop. Itll be fun though! I hope the plans for Christmas Eve are holding properly to tradition; with a Secret Santa and clam chowder dinner (with sparkling cider and bread bowls) and maybe even a movie in theatres? There’s no better Christmas memories than the Secret Santa stories told on Christmas Eve night.

We have a baptism today for Michael, so we are at the church filling up the font right now. Its really exciting to see Michael get baptized because his wife just got baptized a couple months ago and they are excited to be sealed together for all time and eternity!


This last week has been good, but has flown by! I got to go on exchanges with Elder Lloyd, who came out with Elder LaRose and me. It was way fun and we had a great time. We tracted out a Condo Complex and were sharing the Christmas Initiative with people. Many people were very open to check out the video, and I’m excited to see who has done so and may be interested in learning more about the church.


We had the last Christmas Zone Conference this week and to really top it off and finish with a bang, we were able to find some reindeer antlers and a red nose, so I could be Rudolph for Santa Claus. No one knew it was coming and it was super funny. I’ll have to send some pictures of santa riding on my back when I get them from the missionary’s camera that took them.


That night we facilitated a transfer for 6 missionaries we had going home. The transfer doesn’t end until January 3rd but these Elders/Sisters ended a couple of weeks early so they could spend Christmas with their families. We had dinner with them all on Thursday night and took them to the airport on Friday morning.


Saturday was exchanges with an area in Northern Springs. It was NUTS! We visited two families that were related to families in Sand Creek. That was cool, but not the coolest. Saturday was crazy cold. Like -5 degrees in the middle of the day and super snowy. Elder Blatter was who I was with. He is from Clayton and played volleyball there, so I actually played against him! Lol that was fun to be on exchanges with him, but we were driving down the road and he saw a member shoveling his driveway, he said he never really got to see this member because he is super busy, but he had discovered that this member grew up with his dad back in clayton. We helped him shovel his driveway and talked for a few minutes, it only took about 2 minutes of talking about Antioch to realized that this brother Blake(?) Evans is Brooke Evans’ older brother! And that he came to watch Jacob (an inadvertently me) play in Nor Cal Championships our senior year! It was such a small world moment!


Sunday Night our District went caroling and had some super cool moments there too! The 2nd door we knocked on let us sing then immediately invited us in for apple cider to warm us up. They were a super nice couple and we got talking with them about religion and such and taught them the basics of the Restoration as well as about the Book of Mormon. They seemed genuinely interested and said theyd check out the book! It was so cool to see the Spirit work in these peoples’ lives. It was a great experience meeting them and we look forward to going back. I hope your finally week of PreChristmas cheer is awesome! Love you all. Don’t forget the real meaning of Christmas!


Elder Stark



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