Jan 2, 2017


New Year Transfer Cheer

Happy New Years! I hope everyone had a safe time partying hard with that Martinellis! A very kind Elder in our District bought each companionship a bottle of Martinellis Sparkling Apple Cider to celebrate New Years. Since this coming week is transfers, we were up last night working on the travel document for the missionaries. So we decided to take a break at midnight to check out the fireworks! We went up on the roof of our apartment building (dont worry mom, totally easy and safe) to get a good view of Pikes Peak, where they set of a big fireworks show. It was pretty epic.

Oh and on Monday last week we got a phone call that some sisters out in Calhan (about 40 minutes east out on the plains) had lost their keys. So we got to road trip it out to the plains to take them their spare key. Of course we made a party of it and ate toffee and spiced nuts all the way (thanks for those mom!) And to celebrate the trio that night we went to “crave burger” the craziest most amazing burger place ever. we had a burger with 2 grilled cheeses as the buns, and the burger was smothered in green chili. Its the coolest place.
The rest of the week was totally epic too! Being in a trio with Elder Lloyd and Elder LaRose has been sooo much fun, since we are all buds and we came out to the mission together. So this last Thursday we all hit our 17 month mark. Since it was so unique that 3 of us got to be together for it, we celebrated the right way: all day. We started with an all you can eat french toast breakfast at a place called Kneaders. I tell ya what. I have never seen french toast so thick in my life. We then had Lunch at Burger King where we each ate 30 chicken nuggets. Then to top it all off we went to chilis for dinner and had all you can eat soup and salad.
My favorite part of the week was probably a lesson we had with a sister we had been teaching before. Long story short – her husband (a member) has fallen into previous habits and its not good for him to be around her and her newly born baby. We have been able to reconnect with her and begin teaching her again. As we talked and caught up, she was sharing some spiritual experiences she’s been having through the whole thing, and she’s really grown a lot stronger from it all. It was a very powerful lesson and I am grateful for the Lord who will not give up on any of us, and will give us endless opportunities to grow and be strengthened.
Pretty busy today with transfer week this week, hope all is well there! Love you all!
Elder Stark

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