Raining in Antioch? That’s interesting, I’d forgotten it does that there… Here, we had some snow this week, but in Colorado Springs there’s an endless cycle: big snowstorm hits (Wednesday night through Thursday). Then its cold and groggy for a maybe 1 day (Thursday day). Then usually within 24 to 36 hours of the snowfall, its sunny and comfortable (Friday). Then all the snow is completely melted (Saturday). And today its throwing in a curve ball, where it’s a little groggy, but suuuper windy.


Notable things this week: transfers were successful! Everyone was safe, on time and no one got lost in the mountains, which is always nice. We have 3 new missionaries that came this week. They are awesome! We got to pick them up on Monday and get them all situated and ready to go on Tuesday. We only had 3 sisters departing and no Elders, so we took them to the temple on Wednesday, which was awesome, of course! There is undoubtedly something special about the temple (it’s called the feeling of the Holy Ghost). But you can feel it the second you even see the temple. I’m so grateful to get to go as often as we do. Thursday morning, we woke up to a few inches of snow. Two of the sister’s flights were delayed, and they suddenly had many hours added to their travels. That concluded the excitement of transfers, and allowed Elder Lloyd to finally unpack! Oh and I forgot to mention that last Monday I came down with a cough/cold and I’m just about over it today. So Thursday was, clean up, unpack, and recuperate.


So here’s the story of Friday. For transfers we switched to another van for a couple days, along with that we switched over our parking sticker, naturally. Didn’t remember that we should switch it back when we switched back vans, until we walked outside Friday morning and Elder Lloyd was clicking the unlock button and there was no van there to be unlocked! Elliot (our one-antlered van) was gone. He was lost out there in the cold all alone and we weren’t even there to help him. He was stolen in a totally legal and our fault kinda way (via towtruck). There was this moment of silence as we just walked away and started walking down the street. Eventually we called some other elders to come pick us up. They came and got us, we continued through district meeting and lunch with the Hammonds – our Senior Couple of missionaries in our district. Elder Hammond in all his wisdom recommended we pray that we don’t have to pay. Got the phone number and called to get the price for our van’s release. $209 she said. My eyes just saw Nana and Grandpas Christmas money grow a pair of wings and fly far away. So, we drudgingly went to the tow yard and walked in, like a 6-year-old going to the dentist. There were like 5 people behind the counter, which made it that much more intimidating. 1 of which immediately asked what ward we were from (the seed of hope then planted in my brain). Then the receptionist lady asked which car was ours. The dude that was evidently a member, looked over to the reception lady and said “release it for no charge” (the seed of hope immediately blossomed into an entire forest of hope and faith trees). I’ll tell ya what. God does hear and answer prayers and sometimes it’s exactly what we wanted! turns out the member that let us off owns the company! He just so happened to be in that location on that day at that moment. It was nothing short of a miracle! I also learned to never forget about a parking sticker. Lol


Saturday and Sunday were both good though, didn’t see a lot of measurable successes, but it felt good to be out trying to help some of those people we’d been working with. Saturday, we decided to bike. An odd choice, some might say, considering the roads are melted and fine, but there is still snow and ice on a lot of the sidewalks. But we say, biking is fun, so we did it. Ward Council and Church were both awesome on Sunday and I know there is going to be a lot of greatness as far as missionary work goes, in the ward this year. Which also in turn means that everything else in the ward will go better as well.


I am so grateful to be here, serving the Lord. It’s a great thing to be a part of and it’s the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I feel changes in myself (for the better) and I come to understand myself a little more each day (and you all know that’s a miracle). Look for the miracles in your life, they are there. As you notice them, more will come. Always try to strengthen your faith. The temple is an amazing place to do it. I love you guys, be safe and know I’m praying for you.


With love,

Elder Stark



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