The only thing that wasnt slow was the wind

Emailing today because of MLK day on Monday – libraries closed, and Zone Conference yesterday.

So this week was pretty slow, except for the wind. The winds were so crazy that they made us park our cars on Monday. There were Semi Trucks on their side all up and down the Highway and we had an Elder that didnt hold on tight enough to his door and it got wrapped around his car like bacon wrapped filet mignon. I hear we had 100+ mph gusts.

Wednesday we had a meeting, Thursday was a temple trip for missionaries at their halfway mark. The open days were tuesday, friday, and saturday afternoon. WE were able to visit quite a few recent converts that we hadnt been able to see in awhile, but spent a majority of the time getting ready for this round of Zone Conferences that started yesterday. We had to decide what topic we wanted to teach on, research it, and prepare our lesson and activities for it.
Weve got two families we are teaching right now that are doing pretty well. Both Less Active families. One we just got started with on Sunday, they decided they want to rekindle their relationship with god. We always encourage that.
The other Family we have been teaching for a couple weeks now, and the Mom has been coming to church, but the Husband and son wouldnt. This sunday the whole fam came though! It was awesome to see them there!
I hope all is well there. I love you guys dearly!
Elder Stark

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