February 13, 2017

99.4% decrease

Well, transfers this week, and I am going to Walsenburg! Walsenburg is a town of about 3000 people. Thats a 99.4% decrease in population from Colorado Springs, where I have pretty much been for my whole mission. Super crazy, but its gonna be so much fun. I am finally getting the small town experience I’ve dreamed of my whole life! I guess we’ll see how it really is. There is a small Branch based out of Walsenburg. There is so much potential though for it to grow. I am seriously so excited. I’ll be turning it over to the Lord to see what He has in store for the people.

This last week was sad to say goodbye to those I’ve met and become such good friends with over the last 6 months. Though its hard to say goodbye, I know these friendships aren’t ending here. Last Monday we went down to Bishop’s Castle in Rye, Colorado. We picked up Elder LaRose and his companion to go down there. It was fun to see him again. Bishop’s Castle is this hand built Castle that this dude, Mr. Bishop, has been working on for yeeeears. I went there while I was in my first area. But it was cool to see it again. Fun to explore around and be with the buds, for sure.
Throughout the week we had meetings in preparation for transfers. Always fun to be working with the Office Missionaries, as well as our Mission President and his Wife. Its gonna be weird not doing that anymore. We had our last Zone Conference of this go around. Went well with our trio. Elder Pexton jumped right in and did a great job joining in on the teaching. Thursday we had the opportunity to go to the temple for a group at their halfway mark. Totally awesome of course. This weekend was filled with the transfer preparation documents.
But very notable, and exciting, was this Sunday. Michael Sheehan had met with Bishop in preparation of receiving the Aaronic Priesthood, and he was able to be ordained on Sunday. He actually asked me to perform the ordination, which was super cool! My first experience doing that. Excited to see him continue to grow.
In reading Doctrine and Covenants Section 10 this week, I had an interesting thought. The Lord is talking to Joseph Smith about satan’s cunning plan to destroy the work. I often feel like I need to be clever enough to handle satan’s cunning. but vs 43 spoke to me as it says that Gods wisdom is greater than the cunning of the devil. It just  made so much more sense that we dont need to combat hand to hand with the devil. Trust the Lord, keep His commandments, and you do not need to stoop to his level. The Lord’s ways are higher than our ways.
Love you guys!
Elder Stark
ps new address:
533 West 7th Street Apt. 2
Walsenburg CO 81089

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