February 6, 2017

Healthy and Meetings

Crazy times a comin. We now have a 3rd Elder with us for a transition period, so I will be getting transferred on Feb 14th. Don’t know where I will go yet, but we shall see! This week was pretty packed. Zone Conference on Tuesday, MLC on Wednesday going immediately to exchanges til thursday. Zone Training on Friday and a meeting with our Mission President, then Friday night to Saturday night was Exchanges again. However, I am fully Healthy! Which is sooo nice.

One of the coolest experiences this week was with Elder Boatman (from sacramento area – good friends with Jacob Evans at BYUi). We were in his area and were tracting an apartment complex.  We only had about an hour to tract, and about 4 doors before we finished the apartment building we were tracting, a man opened. At first he was asking if we were selling anything, but then invited us in out of the cold. He asked all of the right questions. He’s looking for a church that lets kids decide if they get baptized or not, that has no paid clergy, doesnt take political stances, and basically asked us every question a missionary would want to hear! When i invited him to be baptized when he found out these things were true, he immediately said, “you read my mind, god is definitely talking to you” It was a super cool experience and we were able to get a return appointment! The Lord is preparing people. No doubt about it.
This week I decided I am going to read the Doctrine and Covenants all the way through. Ive only read the first 3 sections since friday when I decided to do it, but its already been great. There is so much good stuff in the Doctrine and Covenants. I know Joseph Smith was truly inspired from God. Im beyond grateful for the Restored Gospel.
Hope everyone has a great week! Love you guys.
Elder Stark

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