Feb 22, 2017

The Burg Boys

So my companion and I have deemed ourselves “The Burg Boys”. Theres a high possibility of cool shirts to come lol. The week has been good though! The Branch is super small! On Sunday we had 19 people in attendance. 2 were us, of course, 2 are members of a Ward in the Stake that are assigned to the branch to fill leadership callings. and 4 were there assigned by the stake to provide the sacrament talks. Its a different atmosphere to say the least.


The people here have a signature wave, The Walsenburg Wave, to be exact. It is adaptable and able to be used either when driving a car or not. The Car version consists of your left hand casually placed on top of the steering wheel and when you see another person, you simply lift your index and middle finger to make somewhat of a relaxed peace sign. If you are not in the car, but missionaries are coming up to the porch you are sitting at, you simple lift the hand about chest height with the palm facing outward and swipe your hand in a direction away from you. The said missionaries then know that you are too busy to receive Salvation at the moment, but intend to come back after theyve tried everyone else again. Its really quite consoling. But in reality the people truly are super nice. Most of them have spoken with Missionaries before, and are just fine where they are in life, but nonetheless the Lord prepares people.


We were able to find 4 New Investigators last week that we are working on seeing again this week. Hopeful that they will have desire to progress and grow closer to Christ. There are a few people the Missionaries were already working with when i got here. We’ll see if any of them start to show desire to progress, because that has been tough to get them to keep commitments.


We cover to smaller towns as well as the Burg, and a whole lot of Boonies. La Veta is about 15 miles West, and Aguilar is about 18 miles South. Aguilar, we found out, does not even have a gas station. Let alone a street light. lol We were driving out into the boonies past Aguilar, so that Elder Sanford could show me where a certain member that only lives here in summer lives, and about 15 miles past town we realized we had less than a quarter tank of gas and we still had a ways to go! We made the wise decision to turn around immediately, and found out when we got back to town that they don’t even have a gas station, so back to the Burg we headed! We were fortunate that the gas light didnt come on until we exited the freeway and we made it just fine, but we definitely learned the lesson on that one.


Yesterday I had the opportunity to go on Exchanges with the other Elders in my District, THey cover a branch centered in Raton, New Mexico. But they live in a town about 25 miles north of it called Trinidad. I was with Elder Kunz. We had a pretty good day and I got to see Raton! First time in New Mexico! lol The 2 coolest things about it was the pretty drive, followed closely by the fact that they have a Chevron Gas Station. Colorado doesn’t have Chevrons, atleast that I’ve seen, so it was super trippy to see one again.


Over all things are going well, adjusting to the different culture. Theres some beautiful mountains not far from us called the “Spanish Peaks”. I want to hike them. Relying on the Lord and hoping to see His miracles. Hope your guys’ week goes well!



Elder Stark


ps for Packages, send them to

230 E 7th St

Walsenburg, CO 81089


letters can go to the other address from last week.


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