March 6, 2017


Hey Fam! As per usual, change is the only consistency! I have a new companion now. His name is Elder Hawks, from Ventura, CA. (side note: of the 18 young missionaries in our zone, 9 are from CA… reppin hard) Hes super funny and goofy. We have a good time.

This week was awesome though! We were able to meet with a couple people we had previously tracted into for a second time and we set a baptismal date for both! They agreed that if they knew the church was true by that day that they would be baptized. We are super excited! We also had some awesome miracles tracting and were able to find 6 new investigators! the goal as a mission is 2 per companionship per week. Had some super spiritual lessons as we talked about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. The feelings that come along with that assure me of their truthfulness on a daily basis. If you havent read Joseph Smith’s experience as he prayed in awhile, please do. It brings the Spirit in a special way.
Saturday was probably my neatest day in awhile. On Saturday we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders. That morning I woke up so tired. It didnt make any sense because I was in bed at 1030 and up at 630, but I felt like I woke up more tired than when i went to bed. We had a bunch of people to stop by and potentials to follow up with that morning, but they all fell through. I was bummed. I didnt wanna do anything!… but, we decided to tract. We tracted one street with a little success, then picked another after lunch with minimal success but were only able to do one side of that street before we had to go exchange back (we did midday friday to midday saturday). After we exchanged back it was still light out, but i was soooo exhausted i really didnt want to do anything. But I knew we had to just go for it, so we went and finished the street. We found 2 more investigators and a few potentials. The Lord truly is preparing his people to receive the gospel. And when we’re too tired to live, we have to rely on faith in the Savior and His Atonement. It works.
Over all its been a good week. Crazy and good. Love you guys and wish you the best!
Elder Stark

Feb 27, 2017 Musical Sounds



So this week was a little bit slow in the missionary work aspect of things, Elder Sanford came down sick, a bummer as usual. However it was still a good week! Elder Sanford has a guitar, and via inspiration we wrote a song! Its about the life of Jesus Christ. I think its awesome, but i may be a little partial. A member here is gonna be posting it somewhere this week. lol So ill be sure she tags you or sends it to you or something. What was most amazing was that it was a matter of maybe 2 hours of work on it total. Its just fell together. So Sunday we went around sharing it was a bunch (relatively) of members. One of the members, a Less-Active we visit, let me borrow a guitar so that i can learn how to play too! So we will see if I am able to get a hang of that. lol

Church was good! This time there was like 24 people at sacrament! granted 7 of them were a family from another ward that came to speak. The have 5 kids still at home, 4 that have grown and left the house. Huge family. The three youngest kids sang a primary song for a musical number though. it was seriously amazing. The Youngest was 7, the oldest probably 11 or 12, but they did a great job.
As for where we live. It is the Sands Motel thing. They are part motel part apartments though. And we have an apartment there. Its not bad. Not much counter space and our neighbor smokes like crazy and it sometimes comes through the vents. Thats about it that I could complain about though. We drive a Jeep Compass, not my favorite vehicle, feels cheap, sluggish response in the transmission, ride isnt the greatest. But its more than adequate for our needs! I just dont plan on buying one for myself anytime soon. lol It is different not having members that feed us much, but we do get some extra money from the mission for food, and the other Elders in our district get a bunch of free meat from a food bank they do service at. Like way more than theyll ever need, plus neither of them are big cooks. So they give a lot to us. Weve have ground elk 3 times since of gotten here actually. So Im in heaven with the meat. lol.
We had Zone Conference this week. It was super uplifting and just good stuff. Our Mission President spoke on safeguards for using technology. Its a program the church came out with to train missions with tablets. And even though we arent scheduled to get tablets, he still thought it would be good for use on computers and just life after the mission. I thought it was some great stuff. After him, a Family Services Counselor that works with missionaries in the mission gave us like a peptalk and just got us all feelin good about ourselves. After Zone Conference we had interviews with our Mission President. Always nice to chat with him. haha it was good.
Oh! Sunday night i got pulled over! lol i was like ohhhhh crap, my dads gonna kill me. But dont worry dad. Its all good! The jeep has these daylights that are on when youre in drive, so i thought my headlights were on, but they werent and he just wanted to let us know. hahaha huge relief. lol. huge relief. He even gave us his card and said to ask if we have any questions. lol Super good guy.
Looking forward to a better week with the work this week. Love you guys!
Elder Stark