March 13, 2017


Windy Walsenburg

Almost gone blown out of the burg this week from all the wind. It never seems to stop being windy here! lol Its been super nice weather, just crazy wind. we were in the 60s and 70s a lot of last week and it was pretty great, ill admit. The night still gets cold cold cold, but during the day its been super nice. We’ve been spending time out walking around a lot.

This week we spent a fair amount of time tracting and trying to find people to teach. We also stopped by a lot of people we have met in the previous weeks. Seems like no one was home this week, which is always a bummer. However, we did get to meet with a guy named Maurice that we found tracting last week. He is pretty old and a scientist. Kinda reminds me of Grandpa Hymas just a little older and less spiritual understanding! He has a very logical and analytical outlook on life and god and what not, but actually has a lot of correct beliefs that he has come to. He has a hard time accepting any book as scripture, but is willing to discuss things with us nonetheless. Great guy and fun to talk to.
So time to talk about La Veta. It is a small town (about ~800 people) about 15 miles west of us. Its a great little town and we try to go out there at least once a week. This week we went out there on Tuesday and met with a member, then did some tracting. We met this awesome lady. When we told her who we were and that we were sharing a message she immediately said “you wanna share it inside or out?” haha we were both taken back for a moment. Upon further discussion we found out that she always wanted to know more about mormons. We were able to share the Restoration with her and give her a Book of Mormon. We went back to La Veta on Friday to see her again and invite her to church, though we found out she was not able to attend. We heard about an even smaller town we cover called Cuchara. Its apparently like a summer getaway for a lot of people, but through winter about 75 people live there. We ended up driving out there to check it out. Its a beautiful place up in the mountains. We met a couple that helps run a little store up there. They were super nice and  each took a book of mormon. They also told us about some sweet fishing spots up there and said we could come out on a pday and they’d take us fishing! Im super stoked for that.
Church was super good on Sunday, I got a lot out of it. The Priesthood lesson was from the Teachings of President Hinckley book and it was about optimism and happiness. Elder Hawks and i loved it. There was a section where it refers to President Hinckley suggesting to missionaries that they shake hands every morning and say “its gonna be a good day”. So we do that now. Boo ya. good times to come!
Love you all.
Elder Stark

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