March 20, 2017

Scouts and such

Hey Family! This weeks been good! Kinda slow on the investigators and such this week. Had a hard time meeting with people. But we had a super cool service opportunity we got to help out with. Its through this company called Care+Share. They provide food for the needy all around the state at least. not sure how much beyond that they go. But once a month they have a semi truck of pallets of food come to the community center here in town. We take the job of bagging some of the food as quickly as possible, then those receiving food come walk down the line of pallets and receive bags of food. It accumulates pretty quick so they usually aren’t able to carry it all. Thats our second job. We help these people – often fairly senior-ish – carry their bags to their cars. Its like helping people load groceries for 2 hours straight. These people were very appreciative of the food and our help. It was a great opportunity and we enjoyed getting to meet more people from the community.

We spent the majority of Tuesday Afternoon in a little town south of us called Aguilar. Its a cool little town. No stop lights or gas stations, but we did some tracting there and met one lady that was really nice and took a book of mormon. She said she’s recently been considering switching to the Jehovahs Witness Church. With that big decision facing her she said now wasn’t the right time to meet with us, but we plan to visit her again at some point and see what she thought of the Book of Mormon at the least.
We spent most of Saturday in La Veta, another small town. We didn’t have much luck there, but we were able to talk to a member there and get some ideas for who to talk to on getting service projects going in La Veta. We hope to follow up with that this week and try to find out what we can do in the community.
There is one member we are working with to help him get ready to receive a patriarchal blessing. He has been coming back to church and getting more actively involved. A Patriarchal blessing is the next big step for him. We are excited because he is progressing well towards it and seems pretty excited about it.
Oh and I almost forgot: the reason for the subject line. We don’t have any young men in the branch here, so theres no scout troop. But the senior couple assigned in the branch with us (the Storeys) have headed the starting of a scout troop for the community. Still church sponsored, just no boys from the church in the troop. Because of such, Elder Storey is the Scoutmaster and Elder Hawks and I are the Assistant Scoutmasters! Tomorrow is our first meeting with the 2 scouts we have so far! More to come we hope! Im excited to get to help out in this way. Its definitely unique and most missionaries don’t get the opportunity. But I think itll be a lot of fun!
Always new things. Always. Im excited to be here. Grateful Heavenly Father answers prayers! Hope you all have a great week!
Elder Stark

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