March 27, 2017

if the car aint got problems, its not working right.

So this week out heap of jeep was a little antsy. She’d be going along just fine then out of the blue it’d get all jerky in the acceleration – a problem its had since i got here – but it decided to flash a little lightning bolt of death on the dashboard this week. So we figured wed better get ‘er checked. So we called our car peeps and they said to take it to pueblo, so we did. They said they’d need it over night so our zone leaders gave us a ride back to the burg. Then we got back and sears called like “yo y’all gotta take ya jeep to the dealer, we can’t fix it” long story short, the zone leaders took it to the dealer for us and then took us to the springs on thursday to pick up a different car because the dealer can’t even get to it till today. So that stole a large portion of our week.

Quick weather note. Monday through Thursday the weather was spring or cool summer kinda weather. Warm to hot days, super sunny, either a breeze or crazy wind. Then out of no where we woke up friday morning with no power because of a huge snowfall and storm that came in the night (winter). Then saturday and sunday it all melted and super rainy and droggy (fall). I have come to the conclusion that in colorado seasons are not a period of time though the year, rather each season can be used to describe what type of weather you experience that day. For example this week consisted of 2 summers, 2 springs, a winter and 2 autumns.
As for the people of the burg, we dint see as many as we would have liked to, due to aforementioned  reasons. But we were able to visit with a cool guy named Chuck. Chuck is the man. He’s living the bachelor life – he’s about 50(?) has a truck, his dogs, and life is good. He has seen missionaries like us before and they have helped him with his yard. We met him while out walking around knocking doors, and shared the Book of Mormon with him (this is about two weeks ago now) and he said he was busy at the moment but that we could come back. Well we finally got him at a good time this week and he invited us in to sit down with him. We were able to read 3 Nephi 11 with him and it was awesome. He talked about how he didn’t know how to read scripture language very well. He seemed interested, excitedly said he’d read the passage we gave him. The spirit was there. I think he felt it. I hope he will act on it.
The days continue to fly by. I live, I learn. I love being here, I love these people, I’m here to represent the Lord and share His great message with them. All I can do is pray that they will listen. Love you guys and appreciate your constant support.
Elder Stark

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