April 17, 2017

Hey guys! This morning we went fishing with “Wild Will”. We meet with him about once a week, DSCF6773DSCF6769DSCF6761when we first met us he said “i attended a mormon church for 16 weeks once up in black forest with my neighbor that was a mormon!” is his raspy 60 year old smoker voice. “they kept trying to baptize me!” i quickly assured him that thats exactly what we wanted to do too. I don’t think he expected me to say that, cause he was a bit shocked. haha but i then clarified that we only want people to get baptized once they believe its true. He’s a nice guy, suffered a massive heart attack couple years ago. He smokes all the time. cigarettes and weed. lol he always apologizes to us about his language and smoking, but continues. I always remember what mom used to say when we were kids: “sorry means you won’t do it again!” lol But he lets us share bits and pieces of doctrines, but he loves telling stories and gets on tangents easily. I think he subconsciously recognizes the peace and joy we have, so he likes having us around, he just doesn’t realize he can have it too. We are working with him. But fishing today, i caught one! probably 12 or so inch rainbow. got him gutted and ready for supper tonight!

This last week has been good though! We did service on Tuesday helping people take the food to their cars again. This month, though i had a moment after putting someones food in their car and saying goodbye i just looked at the scene for a minute. I wouldn’t say it was sad, but i was glad these people were receiving help. I could see a line of people waiting to sign in to get their food, all of them pretty scraggly around the edges and most of them looking like they were not fully healthy. It was accompanied by a parking lot of old vehicles, most of which not well maintained and topped off with the sounds of two or three vehicles screeching as they try their best to get the engine to turn over, tallying once closer to never starting again.

On Saturday we had a cool experience tracting! we had some stuff fall through in  the morning so we went tracting! Looking at the map we picked Albert st and on our way to the part we were looking at we saw that theres another section of albert st detached from the rest with only like 5 doors on it. So we knocked those. No luck, just a couple scary dogs. But after the last house the dirt road kinda dog-legged and from what we could see there was nothing more. Elder hawks felt the need to get a better angle to be sure there wasn’t another house, but there was! So we walked up and a man was outside. We got talking, found out he’s new to town (and that we were lucky the neighbor’s dogs didn’t bite us, they were known to) and that his only issue with the Book of Mormon and Mormons was polygamy. We were able to clear that up, teach truth and set the return appointment for this tuesday. Super exciting.
Easter was great too! Church was good and for dinner we went to a counselor in our branch presidency’s house. They had a lot of their extended family, grandkids etc over. It was fun to see the big family get together. Reminded me a lot of our family activities and meals. We had a good time there and enjoyed a great meal. I hope you guys had an awesome Easter!
Love you all
Elder Stark

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