April 3, 2107

DSCF6726DSCF6713DSCF6711DSCF6709happy 181st anniversary of Elijahs prophecy being fulfilled!

181 years ago today, the prophecy of Elijah’s coming (found in Malachi 4:5) was fulfilled (found in Doctrine and Covenants 110:13-16). Woohoo!!

This week, though, we had a really cool miracle. It consisted of walking in the rain and a very simple act of service that has now led to a young man, aged 19, being very interested in the church. Two weeks ago we did a little “store contacting” if you will. We went around to the small shops in town and looked around for a minute before striking a conversation with the worker. We met this kid that runs a sports apparel store in town 5 days a week. He wasn’t able to talk long, but he expressed interest and said he wished he had sunday off so he could try out our church.

This week we set out to walk for the day, and almost immediately it started raining. We almost turned around to get the car but decided not to. As we came passed his store we saw that the display of blankets was still out and starting to get wet. We saw our friend come out to bring the blankets on display inside to keep them dry, so we ran over and helped. He was super appreciative and told us to come inside to dry out! A hail and thunderstorm came through so we just stayed in the store with him and were able to teach him the restoration! He was super interested and open and said he would read and pray. Sunday we stopped by to follow up and he had finished all of 3 nephi, said he’s gonna read it again to get more out of it, but that as he’s prayed he feels good about it all! He also said he was gonna ask his boss if he could start later on sundays so he can come to atleast part of church! That was the extent of time he had to talk to us, but were gonna go tomorrow and try to meet with his family too!
Walking in the rain pays off, the Lord works in mysterious ways!
We were planning on going Mountain biking today but ended up postponing fro a combination of weather possibility and the other elders that were gonna go are getting sick. So instead we’re gonna play some basketball and such. 
General Conference was amazing! as usual. This Conference, i really felt the importance of reading from the Book of Mormon every single day, as well as how important it is to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost! I loved all the talks and got some good stuff the last couple days. I more look forward to listening to them again and reading them to get more out of them. How great is the technology we have that we can do that so easily! Its something special. I hope you all received guidance for yourself through the Holy Ghost! 
Love you guys!
Elder Stark

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