April 24, 2017

So this week was pretty eventful. Tuesday we had scouts and broke a window! Wednesday we did service at a local museum and ended up rescuing 5 kittens. Saturday we had a service project with the Branch for Earth Day, then we helped the Storeys with cutting some dead branches off their tree, followed by the art show at the said museum. Then Sunday we sang I Feel My Savior’s Love in sacrament meeting!

For the window, we were playing a game called palm boxing. Basically you stand facing each other and you can only hit palm to palm. The goal is to get the other person to lose balance and take a step. Well he took a step and then another and another and tried to use another scout to get balance, but that scout fell into the wall and his elbow went right through the window! Amazingly enough, he didn’t get a scratch!
Then we were helping this local nonprofit museum to put their planter boxes out now that the weathers getting nicer, and they asked us to move their mini fridge out back in the alley so the ice build up could melt off. In the process the lady at the museum found 5 little kittens someone abandoned in the alley. She was freaking out so we gathered them up and took em inside. She called someone and miraculously found someone that wanted them all, so we walked down the street each holding a kitten and delivered them to the gentlman that wanted them. They were pretty dang adorable. The museum was getting ready for their special show on saturday for Earth Day, so we went to that a bit. Its mostly local artists. Some pretty cool stuff. Some really random stuff. lol Also on Saturday was our Branch’s Earth Day service project. We cleaned up the church building property – which included picking up glass from the window incident.
Sunday was awesome, it was Branch Conference, so there were a bunch of Stake Leaders there. More than doubled our attendance! lol But Elder Hawks and I Sang I Feel My Saviors Love in sacrament for the musical number. Good time.
But over all the entire day of church was just awesome. I felt the spirit so much throughout. It was peaceful and loving. I know our Father in Heaven loves each of His children and wants us all to try to help them come closer to him. They specifically talked about doing so with temple work and missionary work. After church we took the sacrament to a Veterans home for a couple senior vets that live there. That was a great experience to meet them. One guy is named Paul Sterk. He’s hilarious and kept saying they spelt my name wrong, its supposed to be an e. hahaha he’s a funny guy!
Hope you guys have an awesome week! Love you
Elder Stark

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