May 1, 2017

Ill start with Sunday this time. So, we got to church and the branch president rushed over to us telling us the organist wasn’t gonna be there and asked me to fill in for her! i was a little nervous, but trusted that things would go okay. Didn’t think the Lord would let the music be bad in a sacrament meeting! Sure enough it went great! Didn’t get a single note wrong. It really was a tender mercy. The rest of Sunday was good too. We have started taking the sacrament out to a veterans home just out of town. Really is a neat experience.

As for the rest of the week prior, to sum it up: Elder Hawks broke his finger on p-day playing dodgeball, but didn’t find out for 2 days, one of those two days consisted of helping unload a semi truck of food for a food bank (10 to 20 lb boxes of misc food, 50 lb bags of carrots, 50 lb bags of potatoes, 50 lb bags of onions and huge bags of cabbage). We had zone conf the next day, where the mission doc got him set up for an X-ray, then another trip to pueblo the next day to have the specialist check out his finger. Shouldn’t need surgery or anything, hes just got a splint and it should heal on its own. Well find that out for sure this thursday at the followup apt.

As for the people we’re teaching, We haven’t been able to meet with or get in touch with Ezra, don’t really know whats going on. Shawn is doing pretty good, we had a really good lesson with him this week and he said he’d pray about the book of mormon. We’re praying that he will recognize the Holy Ghost testifying of its truthfulness.
On Saturday it snowed alll day! lol ew got like a foot of snow! Our Branch president up in Rye got about 30 to 35 inches! It was crazy, then on Sunday as the snow melted – which it almost always does the next day here – it started leaking through our roof! lol we put bucket underneath and told our landlord, so he went up and shoveled the roof. he said he plans to redo the whole roof this summer once its stopped snowing for the year. Hopefully soon!
I hope you guys have an awesome week, i love you and miss you all!
Elder Stark
Oh and i forgot to mention that the organ plays itself! i just had to pick the song and hit the start button… lol 🙂

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