May 15, 2017

Long time no chat

Hey! It was super awesome getting to skype you guys yesterday! I hope everyone had a good Mother’s Day! First off, i did forget to mention something in the call. Theres a sister in the branch, her husband is the first counselor in the branch presidency. She made me swear to tell you guys on the call “thank you for letting your son come serve here” so i figure shed somehow know and probably slap me on the wrist if i didn’t tell you. I also totally forgot to introduce you to my companion. But he was looking forward to saying hi and meeting you guys. So he says hi too. lol

As for anything that happened this week that i didn’t talk much about yesterday, I gave a talk in sacrament! lol last sunday our branch president asked us to speak in sacrament because they didn’t have anyone lined up yet. So naturally, we are the go to. lol It went well though! people were very complimentary to both Elder Hawks and me.
We spent a few hours with Elder Storey trying to figure out a big mess of tents. lol there were poles and tents all over the place in the scout shed, with no order or reason to any of it. We were spending forever opening them all up and trying to match everything together. Took a long time but we finally figured em out and got rid of some of the trashed stuff and organized the miscellaneous stuff! lol
It really was a tender mercy (in multiple ways) that they campout out happened how it did. It started when we had 4 more boys show up for scouts on tuesday that all wanted to join the troop. That weekend right before I had been praying really hard that we would be able to get some more boys out and boom just like that 4 more showed up. Granted one of them was too young, but still! now we have 6 boys total and things can really get going! But beyond that, it rained a ton all week, so both the original plan for campsite and the backup were way too muddy to to get too. But there is state park just outside of town and we were able to camp there. To top it off i got to sleep in my hammock for the first time. It was good. I liked it. lol
Oh yeah! this last tuesday we had our monthly service project in which we carry food give outs to people’s  cars. That morning i could tell it was s bit overcast but didn’t think much of it, so i just wore a sweater – ya know that sweater weather life – but as i should’ve known it started pouring just as we got there. lol So we pretty much got drenched head to toe as we carried this food around. But the spirit kept our souls warm so we were good. It was pretty fun actually.
Ill put some pictures in the album. But Heavenly Father does hear and answer every child’s prayer. I love you guys!
Elder Stark

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