May 8, 2017

hiking with an ax, tires that go flat

This week was way cool! Wednesday, Elder Storey took us up to the trail in Cuchara that we were planning to hike Saturday with the scout troop, we went to kinda scout it out and clear some of the trees because we knew the boys wouldn’t be able to do it all. So we carried a couple saws in and i packed in our ax. haha it was pretty legit. Cut up some pretty big trees and had a real good time!

Saturday was the day for the hike, we had two of the scouts with us and we packed the gear in again. the boys had a blast hiking and one of them said, “this hike is fun! and we’re even helping the people that will come later by clearing the trail!” it was cool. We had to cut it a little short and didn’t finish the whole trail because Elder Hawks and I had to get to Pueblo by 1 so we could catch a ride to go to the temple with Michael and Marly!
Michael and Marly are from 5th ward, my most recent area to here. They were going to the temple to do baptisms for their first time. So they picked us up in Pueblo and took us to springs where Elder LaRose was and picked him up while our companions went on exchanges. When we got to springs we found out their tire had a leak! lol and they were already running late. haha we picked up the 2 sisters that had taught them too, and just kept driving on the leaky tire. it started getting pretty bad though so we had to go to les schwab to get it patched and it was just crazy. Marly was stressing big time cause the baptistry at the temple closes at 5. we were supposed to get there at 3 and at this point it was 430 and we were at les schwab 20 minutes away still waiting on the tire. The workers were so kind as to stay late so that we could do a few baptisms and it truly was a great experience in the temple. I am so grateful to the temple workers willing to stay an extra hour for us. Satan does not want us in the temple. The Lord does, and He always prevails.
We had a check up on Elder Hawk’s finger so far so good. find out for sure on if it needs any extra work this Thursday.
This week is transfer week! and elder Hawks and i are both staying! super exciting. We have a grand ole party together. Ill probably stay here till i come home now. crazy to think about how soon that is!
For mothers day next week, I think ill be able to get on Skype at like 630 or 7 here, so 530 or 6 california time. will that work okay?
Hope you guys are all doing well. Love you dearly pics will be in the album soon.
Elder Stark

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