May 22, 2017

This week we got some addresses of people in the community that need help maintaining their yard and keeping it up to code, so that we could help them to do so. The only problem was that we need a lawn mower to do so. The Code Enforcement officer said that the missionaries had a lawn mower last summer but he doesn’t know where they got it. A couple days later we had dinner with the Jones, a less active couple in the branch, and we were talking about it and they said the missionaries left it at their place last summer! lol so we went over to do some service there and took a look at the mower. It’d been stored upside down lol so it isn’t running yet, i checked  most of it out and  from what i can tell its just not getting a spark. We’re gonna pick up a new spark plug today and hope that we can get it going!

Got me trying to remember back to 9th grade auto tech class, taking apart, cleaning, and putting back together a lawn mower engine. haha also back to me and dad trying to always figure out what went wrong with the old mower. These are things I didn’t expect to need to remember on my mission, but the Lord prepares us for his plan.
Sunday was different. We had a lot of people out of town, and we don’t even have a lot of people to start with! lol we had a total of 9 people at church. 2 of which were our high councilman and his wife who were there to speak. The 2nd Counselor in the Branch Presidency was the only one there, so he presided and conducted, and made an interesting comment after the passing of the sacrament. Something to the effect of, “though we may be small in numbers the spirit is still here as we pass the sacrament and take part in that ordinance”. And so true it was. It was a special sacrament meeting, few in members, full in conversion.
We also had our Sacrament Meeting at the Veterans assisted living home. The Storeys are amongst those who were out of town so we ran it. It went really well. A lady there, not a member came and really enjoyed herself. Super nice little lady. Confined to a wheelchair with parkinsons, but so sweet. She knew Mormons and has seen the “really nice church building” in Albuquerque haha – we call it the temple. It was neat that she wanted to join us and we hope she’ll continue to come.
Days roll by and it blows my mind how fast the day comes that I’ll get to see you guys. Hope your week goes well! love you guys
Elder Stark

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