June 12, 2017

Hiking and Hammocking

Hey guys! Today was pretty cool. We hiked out near westcliffe, up to a lake called lake of the clouds. It was a really cool hike and a beautiful lake. A couple of the elders with us were having a pretty hard time though, so it took a lot longer than we expected. Still totally worth it! But thats why we’re emailing so late today.


This week started pretty lame. i was still sick, and it turned out i came down with strep throat! Elder Hawks and I had a short discussion trying to remember if having your tonsils still in was related to getting strep throat. No solid conclusion except that everyone we talked to that i told i got strep said “do you have your tonsils out?” so i believe there is a connection. Maybe i should get those removed. Second encounter with strep this year… lol


The Mission Doctor hooked me up with some antibiotics so now I’m totally good! The rest of the week was pretty good ,and we were able to visit a fair amount of people.


This weekend was Stake Conference. That was super great. Saturday especially were really good meetings. They had announced it in our branch as a general priesthood session but upon arrival we found out ti was a priesthood leadership meeting. haha it was the lords doing i think though, because i got a lot out of it and it was super neat!


We also found a sister last night that is interested in meeting with us! we are hopeful to see how that goes, but it was pretty cool because we came around the corner to go try to visit her (missionaries taught her previously) and she was getting out of her car with her groceries and trying to fit them all on her walker. We were able to help her carry them to her apartment. We talked for a few minutes, and set up a time to come back this thursday! Super exciting.


Oh and we took the Scouts hiking on thursday. Pretty gun hike. Couple of them still getting used to hiking. haha


Hope you all have an amazing week! Love you!


Elder Stark


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