May 30, 2017

Lawn mower fail, Surprise hail, Carcass of bear, Dorcas cares


Hello everybody! We are emailing today because of yesterday being memorial day! hope you all bbq’d hot dogs and burgers. Or smoked meat of some sort maybe. lol so lets get into it:


Last tuesday, we were working on the lawn mower again, and boy oh boy it was not the best day. lol We were cleaning stuff up, got a new spark plug in and it was sparkin nice, I thought it was gonna be dandy!  Figured out the carburetor wasn’t working right and it wasn’t feeding gas in, long story short  we could keep it running by pouring gas directly into the carb but then it randomly screamed at us – similar to a screaming goat with a little extra metal screeching added in – and the engine seized. its done for. lol and I’m not gonna lie i was super mad. i knew what i should’ve done, in the moment i thought of it but didn’t step up and say it. live and learn i guess!


Saturday we had exchanges with our zone leaders. I had elder wight with me in the burg and we had a good time! We even went guitar tracting! he plays guitar too so we took mine and went around trying to sing A Child’s Prayer for people then teach em about the Book of Mormon and ask em to pray. Only one lady actually let us sing but she wasn’t interested. She did cry though.


Later in the day it started hailing like crazy out of now where. large marble sized hail. We were driving on a road that was completely white from hail lol it was nuts. So we chilled at the apartment with the window open and watched the rain, hail and lightning! lol just chilled there playing guitar and jammin. Then out of no where a sheriff walked straight into our apartment. No knock, nothing. just walked in. The door was around the corner from us so we couldn’t see at first but we heard the door. Elder Wight was immediately on the chair with a guitar in his hands like a bat and i went around to see who it was. he’d been given the wrong address i guess for someone calling in about a harassment, so he thought a deputy was already in there with us so he just walked on in. lol nice guy. brothers a less active member. life carried on and elder wight didn’t hit him with a guitar.


We went up to some property on the Spanish Peaks yesterday. Its owned by a lady in our branch thats more experienced in life, we’ll say. So she needed some help moving fallen trees off the road, and we will potentially take the scouts camping up there. Super pretty area. Sad because a fire went through a couple years ago and things won’t be back to the same for a loooong time. Anyway the Storeys drove us up there and we helped move and cut some stuff, then did a picnic. One of the roads we helped clear went up to this super cool area that over looks everything down from the mountain, and theres some huge boulders. The sister really wanted to find a beehive that she had seen and was hoping would have some honey i guess. instead we ended up finding a bear carcass! super cool. took claws from it. boo ya. after the property, we went to Bishops castle – I’ve sent pics from there before, nothin new really. But i saw a trailhead on the way in, so we went and hike a few miles after that.


The scriptures and the Lord have been great to me this week! Ive received new understandings and parallels of things in the scriptures and how the apply to me and to our day and age. The words of the scriptures may be old, but their meaning to us can always be so new! haven’t been to read as many pages because I’ve been spending so much time writing stuff in my study journal. It reminded me of an efy counselor i had that said to always hold a pen or pencil while reading the scriptures and have somewhere to write stuff down, because a pen is like an antenna to the spirit, its how we show the lord we’ll write down what he teaches us not just forget about it.


Love you guys! read the scriptures! lol


Elder Stark


amendment – “dorcas cares”

totally forgot to talk about dorcas. Its the place we do service once a month, helping unload a truck of food, so we did that tuesday before the lawn mower screamed at us. lol it was cool. they had huuuuge watermelons. like insane. lol probably 15 pounds each. and they gave us one. it was super delicious. ill put a picture with my wedge of it i ate with lunch in the google photos!


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