July 3, 2017

Fewer firsts, lots of lasts


Hey guys! love you so much! so crazy that its all coming to an end. Said some goodbyes this week. weirds me out. its a different kind of good bye than the kind when you’re getting transferred. But i have loved my mission so much and I’m so grateful for all the experiences i have had and the great things i have learned. its been a ball of fun.


Today we hikes the west spanish peak, been on my list of goals to do since i got here. we’re about to go to pueblo so i can say bye to my buds. Ill have to tell you more stories in person at the end of this week!!!! so weird. but good. Great things to come.


The most important thing is what I have learned these last two years. First and Foremost, Jesus Christ lives. He is our savior, His love is perfect. Im so grateful for my relationship with him and the great things Ive experienced. He truly changes lives. As we come unto Him and learn of Him, our lives are changed. Things can still be hard in this life, but th blessing in the life to come is so much greater than any sacrifice in this life. Im excited to face the adventures to come with the Lord on my side. I thank you al for you love and support and look forward to seeing you!


I might be able to throw some pictures in the album later this week, if not ill show you in person!


The last signature:


Love you dearly!

Elder Stark



June 26, 2017

llamas and cows and mules oh my!

Hey fambam! This week we didn’t have much turn out with our attempts to teach people about the truth of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ… atleast not in the “normal” way. lol People weren’t home or weren’t interested, and all that such jazz. But! we did go camping with the scouts Thursday through Saturday, I wish I had pictures to send, but we were a little busy herding the cats, oops i meant scouts. lol but it was a fun campout. We went to the ranch of Brother Dennis Maroney, who is our first counselor in the Branch Presidency. He’s got a little spot with a fire pit and such to camp at. Super pretty area. Friday, though, it rained allllll day. And despite our best efforts to help the boys to be prepared, they were far from it. Good thing we had trash bags they could use as ponchos. lol classic learning experience.

So instead of hiking on friday as we had planned, Brother Maroney graciously invited us to use their poolhouse to stay out of the rain. The boys swam a little and did the swim test, then we played pool and ping pong all day pretty much – not your typical roughing it, but thats okay. haha they’ll get there thought. The member that owned the place has a bunch of llamas, a mule, and rents out to a guy to let his cows roam. So friday morning, i was the first one up, so i was just hanging out by the fire pit and watching all these cows and llamas like 20 feet away from me. they would just stare right at me, and id stare back. lol i was petting one of the dogs that he has too, and it was pretty funny cause there were a couple calves and they got about 8 feet from me, so i stood up to see what they would do, and the dog seemed to see that as a sign – he took off and ran the entire herd about 50 yards back. haha super cool dog.

but the best part of the trip, was that each of the three boys volunteered and wanted to say the prayers for the meals, atleast once each. We’ve said an opening and closing prayer at every weeks scout meeting, and its always been one of us leaders, but on the campout they started asking if they could try! it was awesome. They also starting asking me and elder hawks different questions from time to time about god and religion and stuff. Its an awesome experience even considering the fact that elder storey and i didn’t sleep at all friday night because a couple of the boys had gotten their sleeping bags wet and were cold and miserable, so we gave em ours and just kept the fire going all night and hung out. lol good time. made for a couple of exhausted “us” the next day though. lol

Wednesday night, we went over to the Taggart family’s for dinner on Wednesday night. They have a son in Washington on his mission right now. Super nice family. We also helped brother Taggart, after we ate, with some landscaping work for this place in la beta that is being converted into a senior care center. The lead of the project was there to show us what the big picture was that we were helping out with. Pretty cool stuff.

I think thats about all I’ve got for ya this week! hope you guys have an awesome week! love you much! see you soon!

Elder Stark